cloruro de magnesio


Uses of magnesium and its impacts

Magnesium chloride consists of one ion of magnesium and two ions of chloride. Industrially, it is prepared by Dow’s process using Mg(OH)2 and HCI- Hydrochloric acid. The color of pure magnesium chloride is white and has no smell but has a bitter taste. This chemical product is used to balance a quantity of magnesium in the body and according to research; cloruro de magnesio plays a better role compared to other magnesium supplements. In many instances, the compound is administered in forms of tablets of capsules. However, as much as the supplement is normally administered to patients, care should be taken in cases of people suffering from kidney failure. At the same time, allergic people should also be keen since the side effects of magnesium could be severe and at times cannot be controlled. Hence, only under doctor’s orders should you use ingest the supplements.
It is wise to be educated on symptoms of people who ingest the supplements without a doctor’s prescription. They start by vomiting, dizziness, nausea and headaches. In case you are on medication and experience these symptoms, you should rush to your doctor and have the medication changed or stopped. Note that magnesium intake does not only happen via supplements. There are lots of products we consume that have the compound which is healthy. However, magnesium and calcium almost work together. The two compounds dominate each other.
In cases of high intake of calcium, magnesium levels go down and vice versa. However, it is advisable that individuals avoid excessive intake of either since they may lead to a huge problem. Osteoporosis is the condition of higher levels of calcium and most cases have been detected in the west. While in Africa this seems to be a different case since people will comfortably consume the two products and have no issues. However, this is not a reason to assume responsibility. Magnesium is highly needed in the body for the sake of calcium regulation.
Magnesium is easily lost with the urine and to keep calcium levels better in the joints, people are advised to regulate the supply of magnesium. Taking natural foods is highly advisable since they give an already made product. Many a times, magnesium chloride  cloruro de magnesio is made in the stomach and this helps in enzymes generations. The process also enhances the production of hydrochloric acid (HCL) in the stomach, an acid highly required in breaking down of food for absorption into the blood via the small intestines.
Cloruro de magnesio (Mg(OH)2 also has transdermal effects. This is the process through which absorption of products takes place via the skin. It normally happens with oil products. You need to know that this absorption is really important to people who crave for junk food. At times you crave for chocolate products but as much as you raise the intake, craving never stops. Chances are that you need magnesium. It simply means, as much as this compound could be harmful, the ions are essential to our bodies.